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Century21 & the Real Estate Market

There is something in the PEI real estate market for everyone

The PEI real estate market tends to be split into 2 categories. There is the local market, which consists of permanent residents looking for family homes and then there is the recreational market, consisting in large measure of summer visitors looking to combine vacation and real estate investment. There are however several other categories of PEI real estate purchaser. There is the retiree coming to PEI for the lower PEI real estate prices and the PEI real estate investor who purchases starter homes to rent to fellow islanders. There is also room to combine these ideas into one and move to Prince Edward Island when you retire using the equity in your current home to fund a PEI real estate purchase that is a mix of personal PEI home and investment rentals.

Should you decide to follow this route and you own a home in an area of higher real estate prices such as Toronto or Vancouver where the average prices can be around $400,000 and up, you would be looking for a primary PEI home in the $200,000 range plus the purchase of 3-4 rental homes which would account for the rest of your equity. In this way you have split up your PEI real estate investment into half for personal use and the other half to bring in an income which could be in the range of $2000+ per month. As you can see a PEI real estate investment such as this would provide a place to live and an additional income.