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Buying PEI Real Estate & Property

Don and Century21 helps first-time PEI Real Estate buyers.

Real Estate TV is here! With it comes a plethora of shows designed to help the real estate buyer and especially the first time real estate buyer to navigate the obstacles of entering the world of home ownership.

The process of making the single biggest purchase of your life can be daunting one. Certainly even a PEI real estate purchase still requires that you go through the same steps as if you were buying a more expensive property in Toronto. The first step Don recommmends is securing a pre-approved mortgage. This means that your bank or financial institution has looked at your finances and determined just how much PEI real estate you can afford. This will create a budget for your PEI real estate search and will ensure that you don’t waste time or fall in love with a PEI real estate listing that you can not afford and it also gives weight to your offer when you find the PEI property that you want to offer on.

Determining property features and finding PEI Real Estate that meets your requirements.

With your finances in order Don will have you make two lists, those features of your new PEI home that are “must haves” and a second list of “would be nice” features. With these in hand Don will search for PEI real estate listings through the MLS system that meet your needs. He will create a short-list of those PEI home and properties that you should visit. You should also check through the internet to establish some knowledge of what is available on the PEI real estate market.

You will begin to visit PEI home on the list and Don suggests that after you see 3 PEI real estate listings that you eliminate at least one. In this way as you see more PEI homes you short-list by removing one from your list. Ulltimately you will have the best two PEI properties on your list and then it is a matter of choosing between them.

You’ve found the PEI Real Estate listing that ticks all the boxes!

Now the hard work begins to secure the purchase of the PEI real estate listing that you have chosen and to get it at the right price. Don suggests avoiding emotional connection with the property as much as possible because should the vendors not negotiate a price you can accept it will be easier to walk away. Generally a fair market offer on any PEI real estate listing is based on comparables, similar PEI real estate that has sold in the area. Don will write your offer and it will be presented to the sellers. They may accept it, reject it, or counter-offer. It is common in negotiating on PEI real estate (as indeed in any real estate market) that there will be a counter-offer. Once again you are free then to accept, reject or counter. So it goes until either a deal is reached or the attempt is abandoned.

Once a deal is reached the rest of the process is carried out by your lawyer. You will need a lawyer with PEI real estate experience working for you. They will perform what is called conveyancing. They will search title, determine the pro-rated portions of oil, taxes etc that you will owe the vendor, as well as preparing the final documents etc. You sign and pick up the keys!