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Becoming a Landlord – PEI Real Estate & the Rental Market

There is a strong rental market on PEI. Many islanders rent their homes and if well treated as tenants they tend to stay for long tenancies. When investing in PEI real estate for rental purposes you should keep in mind the budgets that most renters will be working within. Basically make sure you are buying PEI real estate property that will be priced to allow for less expensive rentals. It is not that the there are not people who will rent larger more expensive PEI homes but they are harder to find. You should purchase PEI real estate in the range of $50,000-100,000 when you are considering becoming a landlord. As you can see from the previous table of home prices even in the lower end of the national real estate values it is possible to extract sufficient equity to make a PEI real estate purchase in this price range after you have bought the PEI home that you will live in.

If the average PEI home purchased for rental and as an investment in PEI real estate were to rent from $500 plus utilities to $800 including utilities then you would be at approx $300 to $400 per month added to your income. In addition you are building equity in the final sale of your PEI real estate holdings. You might consider it possible to add $5 per thousand dollars of investment equity to your retirement income by this means. Before embarking on such a program you should contact a licensed PEI real estate agent such as Don Murphy and Century21 for more information as this is just a basic outline of what the PEI real estate market and an investment in PEI real estate may be able to do for you.